We specialize in calendering and processing of thick metal sheets.
We work with all the main types of structural and pressure purpose steels.
What makes us different and lets our craft stand out is the calendering of medium high thickness materials:
we can produce calendered components from 3 mm up to 180 mm thick.
We have always been doing this putting together our strengths: precision, technology, a qualified staff.

Tailor made welding

Tailor made welding

Sidertaglio Calandratura claims big experience in welding stainless materials and its alloys, low-alloyed and forged steels. For each executed weld we can supply complete documentations and certification of it: WPS, PQR, welder qualification, filler material and flux certificates and traceability, welding book and manufacturing book. We perform welding according all mainly known methods, such as GMAW, SAW, TIG, SMAW. All our welds are NDT checked and performed according to all main manufacturing standards.


We like to be, as much as possible, a unique interlocutor for our clients. Our metalworking is at the service of calendering.Metalworking for calendering


Our welding is of a complete joint penetration type for thick materials, WPS/PQR welding procedures are certified by third parties, and every work is subjected to non-destructive tests according to the specific project.Welding for calendering

Price estimate

Sales department deals directly with your specific requests. Even the most technical ones. Write to us for a consultation or a quote!Price estimate