We guarantee a range of technologically advanced services to complete the project. We study specific needs and develop the most suitable technical solutions for the client. This allows us to internally cover all phases of the work for the requested finished or semi-finished product.

Heat treatments

Performing heat treatments on welded components according to specifications provided by the customer.


Painting of components according to project specifications with the possibility of providing inspections and related reports.

Mechanical machining

Performing traditional mechanical machining according to drawings, both on lathe, milling machine, or other machine tools.


Performing assembly of assemblies
according to customer drawings.

Non-destructive testing

Performing NDT on components by Third-Party Organizations or qualified companies.

Laboratory testing

Performing destructive testing on materials or welded joints using accredited laboratories.

Third-party management/Procurement

Management of projects subject to monitoring by Third-Party Organizations in various production steps (QCP, QWP) and procurement of all components and materials necessary for the completion of various projects.


Ability to manage and ship components even to the construction site or third-party company, worldwide


Sandblasting, metallization, Teflon coating, or shaving of surfaces according to project requirements.