We are your unique interlocutor: our metalworking is specifically studied for large-scale calendered structures.
To be able to offer an integrated service we have created a heavy carpentry department within our company, in addition to calendering. We like to be, as much as possible, the only interlocutor for our clients. Our mission is to produce welded assemblies, in line with the drawings provided for each specific project, application of flanges, nozzles, manholes or dish heads. And again, with the idea of offering a complete process, we also produce metal tanks of different dimensions and materials, pressure equipment, heaters/boilers, evaporators, exchanger.

Flexibility, precision and technology

To guarantee the highest quality standards we listen to every request of our clients and satisfy it following the given specifications. Constant attention and concentration on the production technique allow us to accomplish every single need. To maintain this promise we trust in our people: those who work with us have experience, they are trained, qualified and keep abreast with leading-edge technology.


We have experience and competency in industrial rolling with a focus in managing big thickness plates, also in stainless steel. Our numbers are clear: rolling from th. 3 to 180mm.calendering


Our welding is of a complete joint penetration type for thick materials, WPS/PQR welding procedures are certified by third parties, and every work is subjected to non-destructive tests according to the specific project.Welding for calendering

Price estimate

Sales department deals directly with your specific requests. Even the most technical ones. Write to us for a consultation or a quote!calendering